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Caterham De Dion SV

        The Caterham De Dion SV utiilizes all of the design and engineering refinements that have been the hallmark of Caterham engineering in a chassis that is designed for taller drivers.   If the original Caterham had a shortcoming, it was that drivers over 6' tall had a hard time fitting in the car.  Particularly if the driver had size 10 shoes or larger.  The new Caterham De Dion SV resolves these problems, particularly the pedal area footwell.    The SV cockpit is 3.2 inches longer, 4.3 inches wider, and 1 inch taller.  The drivers footwell is 2.2 inches wider and 1 inch higher.   The Caterham 7 SV has the De Dion rear suspension and is setup to receive the Ford Zetec all alloy, fuel injected 16-valve catalytic engine.  The result is a very light car with exceptional performance and reliability and balance and roadholding as close as you can get to a single seater in a road car.  All SVs are fitted with 15 inch Prisoner alloy wheels as standard.

        Standard equipment on the De Dion 7's include fitting's for the Ford Zetec engine and 5 speed transmission, cycle front wings, full instrumentation, cloth adjustable seats, heater, full windscreen and wipers, and full weather equipment.

See option page (Prices) for a price list.

See specification page (SV specifications) for specifications and options.



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