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        The Caterham factory continues to improve and develop the Seven to bring new engineering to the market and conform to international motorsports legislation.  The Caterham Seven series cars now share only their classic styling with the 1957 original.  Caterham has added a new model to the Seven line - the Caterham Seven CSR.  The Caterham CSR is the ultimate Seven, with chassis and drivetrain enhancements that produce the highest performance levels ever in a Seven.  The CSR has F1-style inboard front suspension, full independent rear suspension and aerodynamic enhancements.       

The Caterham Seven is available in three models in the US; Classic DeDionSV, the CSR.

        The Caterham Seven series are available in the US in component form.  We can provide assembly services for purchasers who don't have the time or inclination to assemble their own car.   Engines and transmissions must be purchased separately, however we can assist in finding an engine supplier (Engines).  Most owners who assemble the components themselves return the car to us for final alignment and adjustment. 


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