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Caterham Super 7 Zetec

and Focus SVT Powered Cars


Belt Squeal Elimination Kit


Tired of that embarrassing squealing noise when

you start your Caterham Super 7?


The problem is caused by the tensioner allowing the belt to slip when the alternator charges. This kit solves that problem, by relocating the serpentine belt tensioner to its original Ford location below the alternator, and adding an additional pulley to improve belt and pulley contact.


The kit comes with all required parts, a CNC machined bracket and spacer, Gates serpentine pulley, grade 10.9 hardware and Gates serpentine belt. If your belt needs to be replaced then why not get this kit. It can be installed using metric tools, in less than one hour. Just follow the five simple steps, observe the photos, and end those embarrassing squeals.





Only $ 197.00 plus shipping


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